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Early Head Start/Head Start-child care partnerships

Publication Date: November 2014

Research Connections conducted a comprehensive search of its collection for resources focused on Early Head Start/Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (EHS/HS-CC Partnerships). This Key Topic Resource List (KTRL) includes an overview of EHS/HS-CC Partnerships, as well as tools and studies to better support positive outcomes of these partnerships. Key words used in the search were "early head start-child care partnership," "head start-child care partnership," "early head start partnership," and "early childhood collaboration." From the many results, Research Connections selected a limited number of resources of various types including reports and papers, executive summaries, and reviews. Selection criteria included topic relevance, with a particular focus on Head Start and Early Head Start Partnerships, and relatively recent publication (from 2000-2014). Based on the search results, resources are grouped into the following categories: Guidance and tools for EHS/HS-CC Partnerships; State and local examples of EHS/HS-CC Partnerships; Examples of EHS/HS-CC partnerships with family child care; Evaluating EHS/HS-CC partnerships. (author abstract)

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