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Unclaimed Children Revisited Publications

Report, May 2010

The Michigan case study explores the state’s outcomes-based management approach to children’s mental health service delivery, resulting from Michigan’s initiative to collect and monitor data on children’s daily functioning.

Report, November 2008

This report documents and assesses the effectiveness of mental health services for children and youth with mental health problems, those at risk, and their families. Our data, collected from 50 states and three territories, demonstrate that states are still struggling to deliver adequate care, while federal leadership is lacking. Based on these findings, we propose key policy changes necessary to improving service delivery.

Report, February 2008

This working paper provides a broad overview of funding sources (and their policy roots) that underwrite children’s behavioral health services, illuminating the flaws and prospects of various policy choices.

Brief, July 2007

This brief reviews current practices for children, youth, and families visiting hospital emergency rooms for mental health conditions, and makes recommendations for policy actions to improve care and encourage more community-based services.

Fact Sheet, July 2007

This fact sheet presents highlights from the report, Strengthening Policies to Support Children, Youth, and Families Who Experience Trauma.

Report, July 2007

This report reviews current policies and practices to support children, youth, and families exposed to trauma and highlights reasons for optimism and concern. Trauma-informed policy needs to balance current knowledge about effective practices with supportive financing, cross-system collaboration and training, accountability, and infrastructure development.

Fact Sheet, November 2006

NCCP’s first fact sheet on mental health highlights the widespread nature of mental health problems among children and youth and the lack of adequate services. Latino children and youth are less likely to receive services than children and youth of other ethnic groups. Effective public policy strategies can improve mental health services for children.

Report, July 2006

The first publication from NCCP’s Unclaimed Children Revisited project, this working paper documents how families and youth can and should be involved in research and policy as well as advocacy to better help children and youth facing mental health challenges.