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Strategies for Early Learning

The goal of the Strategies for Early Learning project is to provide easily accessible information to people in key positions to improve effective early learning, and professional development strategies with their constituencies (school related organizations, faculty in community colleges, child care administrators, and state officials).

The project is based on NCCP’s recent work to track and document the emerging knowledge base about how to promote effective early learning particularly through intentional curricula and sustained professional development. The specific outreach and dissemination activities of this project include: four webinars with researchers and on-the-ground experts and exemplars; summaries and issue briefs that focus on the implications and lessons-learned; and ongoing elaboration on the key topics targeted to specific stakeholder audiences in professional publications and meeting presentations.

Through these activities we hope to promote the dissemination of the growing knowledge base about the most effective ways to ensure that young children enter school with the necessary skills to succeed.