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Research Connections Teaching Modules

To extend the usefulness of Research Connections, "Teaching Modules" have recently been developed to support the work of early childhood faculty in associate and baccalaureate programs.

Results for You and Your Students

The Research Connections activities and assignments will:

  • Help you introduce students to the value of research in supporting effective practices and policies.
  • Give you easy-to-use, adaptable materials to incorporate into typical undergraduate courses.
  • Offer a research resource for your students - not as the only source of information, but as one of the easiest to use and most credible.
  • Increase your students interest and engagement in learning more about current research on key topics in early development and education.

What Will You Find?

On the Research Connections Teaching Modules pages, you will find:

  • An Introduction for Faculty, with tips to help you use the materials and get the most out of Research Connections many features.
  • An introductory module for your students, "Welcome to Child Care and Early Education Research Connections!", that may be used in any course.
  • Four Modules appropriate to include in courses such as child development; early childhood curriculum; family relationships, and the early childhood profession.
  • Each module includes between four and eight suggested activities and student worksheets. The modules' content is specifically aligned with NAEYC's Standards for Early Childhood Professional Preparation.