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Advancing Child Care Health Consultation

November 2, 2006

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This Project THRIVE web-based conference call for ECCS Directors provided new information about child care health consultation programs, policy, and finance. We discussed financing strategies and how to garner stakeholder support, with examples from Iowa and Rhode Island. Originally recorded on November 2, 2006, the call speakers were: Blythe Berger: Chief of Early Childhood Policies and Programs, Rhode Island Department of Health; Gretchen Hageman: ECCS Director, Iowa Department of Public Health; Sally Clausen: Healthy Child Care Iowa, Iowa Department of Public Health; and Kim Tichy: Healthy Child Care Iowa, Iowa Department of Public Health. The call was moderated by Patricia Fahey, Director of the Healthy Child Care Consultant Network Support Center (NSC).

Please contact for an archive of this webinar.