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Establishing Medical Homes for all Children

August 26, 2009

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A fundamental component of the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS) initiative is to increase access to medical homes for all children. Medical homes provide medical care that is accessible, family centered, continuous, comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate, and delivered in a culturally competent environment. States are in various stages of defining and implementing medical homes and will need to create incentives, supports, and regulations to sustain this work. This webinar features some of the current national and state initiatives to improve access to medical homes for all children.


  • Arturo Brito, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer, Executive Vice President, Children's Health Fund
  • Roy Grant, MA Director, Applied Research and Policy Analysis, Children's Health Fund
  • Jose Esquibel, Director, Interagency Prevention Office, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Questions addressed:

  • What state policy actions can help define a medical home in a way that promotes their development within the state?
  • What state policy actions can help support the development of medical homes for children throughout the state?
  • How can this issue be better integrated into system building efforts through ECCS?

You may watch and listen to the entire call at the WebEx website. The call is 63 minutes.