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On-the-Ground Lessons and Moving Forward

May 6, 2009

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Dr. Lisa Klein summarized key findings from an NCCP Case Study on Effective Early Learning.  Highlights focused on how intentional curricula and teaching supports (professional development strategies) are being implemented in a variety of preschool classrooms.

Drs. Marilou Hyson and Lee Kreader presented on a series of teaching modules that were developed to help faculty educate undergraduate students on finding, reflecting on, and using research. Drawing on the resources of the easy-to-use, federally-funded Child Care and Early Education Research Connections Web site (, the modules can be adapted to typical course content and assignments in early childhood teacher education programs at the associate and baccalaureate levels. Topics for the 5 modules include a basic orientation to Research Connections, Early Childhood Development, Early Childhood Curriculum and Teaching Strategies, Families of Young Children, and the Early Childhood Profession. Dr. Carla Goble reflected on her experiences using the modules in her undergraduate courses at Tulsa Community College.

You may watch and listen to the entire call at the WebEx website. The call is 80 minutes.


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