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A Closer Look

April 15, 2009

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This webinar highlighted two key researchers in the field of early childhood whose work includes a focus on professional development in different content areas. They discussed their latest work, and talked about the successes and challenges that they have faced in implementing cutting edge professional development strategies and methodology. They also discussed the implications of the findings of their evaluations for the field at large.

Dr. Robert Pianta presented on a professional development program entitled, MyTeachingPartner, aimed at providing educators with, “high-quality, evidence-based teaching tools and support for their work with children” (MyTeachingPartner website). He described the different levels of professional development that are provided to teachers (level 1: the website, level 2: activities, level 3: consultancy), and reported on the impact that the program has had on teachers’ knowledge, classroom practices, and child outcomes.

Dr. Cybele Raver presented findings from her professional development program aimed at improving teachers’ behavior management strategies entitled, The Chicago School Readiness Project. Dr. Raver  explained the coaching strategy that was employed, and discussed impacts of the professional development intervention on classroom climate and teachers’ behavior management strategies.

You may watch and listen to the entire call at the WebEx website.


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