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Indicators: State Experiences

February 7, 2008

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February 7, 2008

Indicators: State Experiences
Indicators Call # 2
2:30-4:00 EST

On this conference call, three states presented on their experiences developing and using indicators in ECCS. There was a Q&A session after the presentations.

  • Kay Johnson (THRIVE) provided introductions and a call overview. 
  • Joan Blough (ECCS) and Jane Zehnder-Merrell (KidsCount) spoke about how ECCS and KidsCount have partnered in Michigan to create a set of indicators for state and local use, using an RBA approach.
  • Deborah Nelson (ECCS) spoke about how North Carolina’s cross-agency work group narrowed down a larger set of indicators to come to a set which are now being applied across multiple agencies.
  • Bob Costantino (ECCS) spoke on Vermont’s experiences using Results Based Accountability, including the use of regional indicators and building local systems.
  • Leslie Davidson (THRIVE) discussed how these approaches relate to the Project THRIVE indicators work.


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