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Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Overview and Policy Issues

November 29, 2007

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The featured speaker on this MCHB webinar was Kay Johnson, Project Director, Project THRIVE.  Jane Knitzer, Director of NCCP, also contributed comments.

In recent years, leaders across the country have been engaged in development of early childhood comprehensive systems. Much of this work has been lead by the State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS) grantees, funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau-Health Resources and Services Administration (MCHB-HRSA). Other work has been privately funded.  No matter the source of support, people have developed a shared vision for working across service systems to develop a "system of systems" that would better support families with young children.

This webinar described the system of systems approach and discussed how states have been using their opportunities to support policies and programs.  The call emphasized how federal agencies can support this ECCS work.

You may watch and listen to the entire call at the MCHB website.