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Early Childhood Indicators: Findings from Thrive's Review

November 8, 2007

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With this call, Project Thrive will be kicking off a six-month discussion group about indicators, results-based accountability, and early childhood comprehensive systems. This discussion group process will include conference calls, a webinar, and a discussion list serv. Publications will follow.   This discussion group will advance learning and consensus about performance monitoring and indicators/results-based accountability.

Over the past few months, Project THRIVE staff have undertaken an intensive review of early childhood indicators used at the local, state, and national level. In particular, we've compared four sets of indicators, including: State ECCS Initiatives, Institute of Medicine, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, and State School Readiness.  For this first call will discuss the findings from THRIVE's review and how it relates to your experience. We want to hear from you, and we need your perspectives to advance the field.


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