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Young Migrant Farmworker Children

May 21, 2007

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How much do we really know about this continuously moving, “homeless” population? And how do we best deliver services? How can the State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems grant plans contribute to the well-being of this population?

The presenters addressed those questions and shared their experience as catalysts for system change, and in some instances, using their state early Childhood Comprehensive Systems grant planning and implementation as a vehicle for:

  • Interagency and individual collaboration, and partnership development
  • Access to integrated high quality health and medical homes, early care and education services (Medicaid portability and  designated set-aside child care slots)
  • Measuring children’s well-being through the creation of  benchmarks: Shared Indicators for School Readiness


  • Brenda B. Coakley: National Collaboration Coordinator, Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Collaboration Office
  • Martha Gonzalez-Cortes: Michigan Department of Human Services, Office of Migrant Affairs
  • Deborah C. Nelson: ECCS Grant Coordinator, North Carolina Division of Public Health
  • Loraine Lucinski: ECCS Coordinator, Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services

You may watch and listen to the entire call at the WebEx website. The call is 76 minutes.