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Minimum Wage Standards

Is the state minimum wage higher than the federal minimum wage?1

  January 2011
(federal: $7.25)
January 2010
(federal: $7.25)
January 2009
(federal: $6.55)
January 2008
(federal: $5.85)
January 2007
(federal: $5.15)
Alabama NoNoNoNoNo
Alaska Yes ($7.75)Yes ($7.75)Yes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)
Arizona* Yes ($7.35)NoYes ($7.25)Yes ($6.90)Yes ($6.75)
Arkansas NoNoNoYes ($6.25)Yes ($6.25)
California Yes ($8.00)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($7.50)
Colorado* Yes ($7.36)NoYes ($7.28)Yes ($7.02)Yes ($6.85)
Connecticut Yes ($8.25)Yes ($8.25)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($7.65)Yes ($7.65)
Delaware NoNoYes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)Yes ($6.65)
District of Columbia Yes ($8.25)Yes ($8.25)Yes ($7.55)Yes ($7.00)Yes ($7.00)
Florida NoNoYes ($7.21)Yes ($6.79)Yes ($6.67)
Georgia NoNoNoNoNo
Hawaii NoNoYes ($7.25)Yes ($7.25)Yes ($7.25)
Idaho NoNoNoNoNo
Illinois Yes ($8.25)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($7.75)Yes ($7.50)Yes ($6.50)
Indiana NoNoNoNoNo
Iowa NoNoYes ($7.25)Yes ($7.25)No
Kansas NoNoNoNoNo
Kentucky NoNoNoNoNo
Louisiana NoNoNoNoNo
Maine Yes ($7.50)Yes ($7.50)Yes ($7.25)Yes ($7.00)Yes ($6.75)
Maryland NoNoNoYes ($6.15)Yes ($6.15)
Massachusetts Yes ($8.00)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($8.00)Yes ($7.50)
Michigan Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.15)Yes ($6.95)
Minnesota NoNoNoYes ($6.15)Yes ($6.15)
Mississippi NoNoNoNoNo
Missouri NoNoYes ($7.05)Yes ($6.65)Yes ($6.50)
Montana* Yes ($7.35)NoYes ($6.90)Yes ($6.25)Yes ($6.15)
Nebraska NoNoNoNoNo
Nevada* Yes ($8.25)Yes ($7.55)2Yes ($6.85)Yes ($6.33)Yes ($6.15)
New Hampshire NoNoYes ($7.25)Yes ($6.50)No
New Jersey NoNoYes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)
New Mexico Yes ($7.50)Yes ($7.50)Yes ($7.50)Yes ($6.50)No
New York NoNoYes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)
North Carolina NoNoNoYes ($6.15)Yes ($6.15)
North Dakota NoNoNoNoNo
Ohio Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.30)Yes ($7.30)Yes ($7.00)Yes ($6.85)
Oklahoma NoNoNoNoNo
Oregon* Yes ($8.50)Yes ($8.40)Yes ($8.40)Yes ($7.95)Yes ($7.80)
Pennsylvania NoNoYes ($7.15)Yes ($7.15)Yes ($6.25)
Rhode Island Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.40)Yes ($7.40)
South Carolina NoNoNoNoNo
South Dakota NoNoNoNoNo
Tennessee NoNoNoNoNo
Texas NoNoNoNoNo
Utah NoNoNoNoNo
Vermont* Yes ($8.15)Yes ($8.06)Yes ($8.06)Yes ($7.68)Yes ($7.53)
Virginia NoNoNoNoNo
Washington* Yes ($8.67)Yes ($8.55)Yes ($8.55)Yes ($8.07)Yes ($7.93)
West Virginia NoNoYes ($7.25)Yes ($6.55)Yes ($5.85)
Wisconsin NoNoNoYes ($6.50)Yes ($6.50)
Wyoming NoNoNoNoNo
Total Yeses 18 15 28 33 30

Data Notes and Sources

Last Updated: July 24, 2009

* These states’ minimum wage rates are annually adjusted for inflation.

  1. This is the Minimum Wage rate that applies to non-supervisory, non-farm Private sector employment.
    U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration. 2011. Minimum Wage Laws in the States, January 2011. (accessed March 19, 2011)
  2. Nevada's basic minimum rate of $7.55 applies to employers that do not offer employees a qualified health plan.