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J. Lee Kreader’s Publications

Senior Adviser, Research Connections
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NCCP Publications

Other Publications

  • Robert Goerge, Allison Harris, Lucy Mackey Bilaver, Kerry Franzetta, Mairead Reidy, Deanna Schexnayder, Daniel G. Schroeder, Jane Staveley, J. Lee Kreader, Sally Obenski, Ronald C. Prevost, Michael E. Benning, & Dean M. Resnick. 2009. Employment Outcomes for Low-Income Families Receiving Child Care Subsidies in Illinois, Maryland, and Texas. Chicago: University of Chicago, Chapin Hall Center for Children.
  • Deana Grobe, Roberta B. Weber, Elizabeth Davis, J. Lee Kreader, & Clara Pratt. 2008. Study of Market Prices: Validating Child Care Market Rate Surveys. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Family Policy Program.
  • Roberta B. Weber, Deana Grobe, Elizabeth Davis, J. Lee Kreader, & Clara Pratt. 2007. Practices and Policies: Market Rate Surveys in States, Territories, and Tribes. Corvallis, OR: Oregon Child Care Research Partnership.
  • Knitzer, Jane and Kreader, J. Lee. 2004. Strategic Community and State Action to Promote the Well-being of Infants and Toddlers: Lessons from the Real World.Infants and Young Children, Vol. 17, No. 4.
  • Porter, Toni; Mabon, Sally; Kearns, Shannon; Robertson, Anne; Kreader, J. Lee. 2004. A Toolkit for Evaluating Initiatives to Improve Child Care Quality. New York, NY. Bank Street College of Education.
  • Porter, Toni; Habeeb, Salifa; Mabon, Sally; Robertson, Anne; Kreader, J. Lee; Collins, Ann M. 2002. Assessing Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Investments in Quality: A Study of Selected State Initiatives, Vols I and II. New York, NY. Bank Street College of Education.