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Taniesha A. Woods’s Publications

Senior Research Associate, Early Childhood
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NCCP Publications

Other Publications

  • Woods, T. A. (2010). Changing the odds for children at risk: Seven essential principles of educational programs that break the cycle of poverty [Review of book authored by Susan B. Neuman]. Teachers College Record, online publication June 2010.
  • Cross, C. T., Woods, T. A., & Schweingruber, H. (Eds.). (2009). Mathematics learning in early childhood: Paths toward excellence and equity. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.
  • Kurtz-Costes, B., Rowley, S. J., Harris-Britt, A., & Woods, T. A. (2008). Gender stereotypes about mathematics and science and self-perceptions of ability in late childhood and early adolescence. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 54, 386-409.
  • Woods, T. A. & Kurtz-Costes, B. (2007). Race identity and race socialization in African American families: Implications for social workers. Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment, 15, 99-116. Also, appeared in J. C. Hall & S. L. Bowie (Eds.), African American behavior in the social environment: New perspectives (pp. 99 – 116). Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.
  • Woods, T. A., (2007, Summer). Riding the summer slide: Why summer academic programs are critical to bridging the race and socioeconomic educational gap. Opportunity Journal, 75 – 78.
  • Woods, T. A., Kurtz-Costes, B., & Rowley, S. J. (2005). The development of stereotypes about the rich and poor: Age, race, and family income differences in beliefs. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 34, 437-445.