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Barbara B. Blum
Senior Advisor
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Barbara B. Blum directed NCCP's Research Forum on Children, Families, and the New Federalism from 1997 through 2005. She currently serves as an advisor to the Center. She served as president of the Foundation for Child Development from 1986-1996 and as the president of Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation from 1982-1986. Blum also served as president of the American Public Welfare Association (now the Association of Public Human Services Association).

As commissioner of the New York State Department of Social Services from 1977-1982, she directed the public assistance, Medicaid, and social services programs. During her tenure, she was responsible for the development of community work experience programs, the creation of alternative services to prevent nursing home care, and the implementation of the first large-scale management information systems for welfare, Medicaid and social services. Additionally, she directed the implementation of the New York State Child Welfare Reform Act of 1979, which mandated systemic shifts away from foster care placement and toward the provision of family support services. Her appointment as commissioner followed more than a decade of service to New York State in the areas of mental health, mental retardation, and social services.