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J. Lee Kreader, PhD
Director, Research Connections
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Dr. Lee Kreader has been active in many of NCCP’s research efforts, primarily in collaborative projects focused on child care and early education policy. He is co-director of Research Connections, jointly operated since 2003 by NCCP in partnership with the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan, through a cooperative agreement the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Research Connections’ web site ( features a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of research in the field and a rich and growing archive of datasets for secondary analysis, aiming to improve research quality and enhance its accessibility and utility for policymakers, practitioners, and researchers. For Research Connections, Dr. Kreader has synthesized research on child care subsidy use and infant and toddler child care.

Dr. Kreader’s co-authored publication for NCCP include: What Can CCDF Learn from the Research on Children’s Health and Safety in Child Care?; Putting the Pieces Together: New York Early Learning Program Data Systems; various surveys of approaches to professional development and technical assistance in state Quality Rating and Improvement Systems; and Toward a National Strategy to Improve Family, Friend, and Neighbor Child Care. He is also co-author of numerous reports with NCCP research partners, most recently—with Child Trends--Linking Home-based Child Care and State-Funded Pre-School: the Community Connections Pre-School Program. Earlier collaborators and co-authored reports include Abt Associates (National Study of Child Care for Low-Income Families, Evaluation of Child Care Subsidy Strategies); Bank Street College (Assessing Child Care Development Fund Investments in Child Care Quality); Chapin Hall (Child Care Subsidy Use and Employment Outcomes of TANF Mothers, Employment and TANF Outcomes for Low-Income Families Receiving Child Care Subsidies, A Guide to Understanding State Child Care Subsidy Programs through Analysis of Public and Non-public Use Datasets); Oregon State University (Validating Child Care Market Rate Surveys) and The Dynamics of Child Care Subsidy Use team.

Lee has served as consultant to the Design Phase of the National Study of Child Care Supply and Demand and the subsequent National Survey of Early Care and Education, both led by the National Opinion Research Center. He is also a member of the New York State Early Childhood Advisory Council.

Prior to joining NCCP in late 1998, he served as assistant chief and administrator for program development of the Bureau of Child Care and Development, Illinois Department of Human Services. He was planner and first coordinator for Illinois’ child care resource and referral system and has directed child care programs throughout Chicago. Lee received his PhD in United States social history from the University of Chicago.