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Yang Jiang, PhD
Senior Research Associate, Demographer
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Dr. Jiang is a family demographer for the Family Economic Security, Early Childhood, and Health and Mental Health teams. As a senior research associate, Dr. Jiang specializes in conducting quantitative analysis to address a range of research questions related to child poverty. Her research interests are to understand whether safety-net programs effectively help families cope with severe economic hardship, whether these programs help children in poverty thrive, and what are the real challenges and barriers facing children and families in these programs.

At NCCP, Dr. Jiang is in charge of most of the statistical analysis using U.S national survey data and state-level administrative data, where she contributes her expertise regarding advanced statistical modeling and quantitative research methods. She maintains and enhances the data tools which allow quick query of various children experiencing risk factors (poverty, teen mother, single parenthood, unemployed parents etc.) at national and state level, as well as provides insights to policy makers for more effective design of support programs targeting children in poverty. She also plays a leading role in promoting awareness of research impacts in public media and for local policy makers.

Dr. Jiang received her PhD in Sociology and her MA in Statistics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is currently an affiliate with Columbia Population Research Center and Data Science Institute.